8 Types of Digital Marketing

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What are 8 Types of Digital Marketing

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Pay-per-Click (PPC)
  • Social Media Marketing.
  • Content Marketing.
  • Email Marketing.
  • Mobile Marketing.
  • Marketing Analytics.
  • Affiliate Marketing.
Digital marketing is broken down into 8 major categories, including Google Engine Optimization, Pay-per-click, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Marketing Analytics, and Affiliate Marketing.

In the last 10 years, digital marketing has emerged as an essential element of an organization’s overall marketing plan. It allows businesses to customize messages to appeal to a certain target audience, allowing them to directly market to those who might be interested in the product.

Two members of the academic team at Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) talked about the ways that digital marketing is aligned with traditional methods and also shared details on a few kinds of digital marketing that are which are in use today.

What is Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a range of marketing strategies and techniques used to reach consumers on the internet. As a type of online marketing, it allows companies to create a brand image and has transformed the field of marketing.

8 Types of Digital Marketing
8 Types of Digital Marketing

The senior assistant dean for business programs Dr. Mark Hobson, said although digital marketing appears to be an entirely new field but in reality, 8 Types of Digital Marketing is based on a lot of the same principles used by traditional marketers and requires the foundational knowledge of marketing as well as technical expertise.

Dr. Jessica Rogers, associate dean of marketing programs, stated that both disciplines are used to reach different groups of consumers. “… The traditional medium can be a fantastic means of reaching a wide population of consumers, while digital media can be used to reach specific groups of people,” she added “An important aspect is that based on the intended audience certain channels are more efficient over others.”

Different types of Digital Marketing

Rogers spoke about some of the most widely-used kinds of digital marketing. He also provided an overview of each type:

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Optimization (SEO)

The purpose for SEO is to allow the business’s website to be more prominent on Google searches, eventually driving more traffic to the company’s website. In order to achieve the goal, SEO marketers research words and phrases people use to look for information online and then incorporate these terms in their own web content. According to the top SEO software firm Moz’s ” Beginners Guide to SEO,” SEO includes a variety of elements that range from the content that you use on your website to the way that other websites connect to your site on the internet to how your site’s structure is. SEO specialists can earn around $70,058. An SEO expert can earn about 70,058 dollars according to Salary.com.

What are the things that can help improve the SEO of a website? It is important to realize that one of the aspects that make SEO difficult is that the response to the question is dependent upon Google and its current algorithm. With that in mind there are some of the most essential points to know for SEO marketing strategists as well as marketers generally to be aware of the way SEO operates today, as outlined in the Moz’s Beginners Guide to SEO:

  • Indexing of content It is crucial for search engines to clearly “read” what your site’s content is by doing things such as adding alt text to images, and text transcripts for audio and video material.
  • A well-structured link structure It is crucial that search engines “crawl” the structure of your website to quickly find all the information on your website. There are a variety of things an SEO expert can do to ensure that links are properly formatted as URLs, URLs, and sitemaps to make them more accessible to web crawlers.
  • Keywords and keywords targeting Properly using your keywords (or keywords) i.e. the terms you wish your website to be discovered in your headers and content is among the most fundamental elements of SEO. It’s no longer acceptable in order to “stuff” your website with the most keywords and keyword variations as you can. Making the content of high quality that includes keywords in headers as well as at least a couple of times within the pages’ content that is crawlable is recommended as a best practice and can make your pages appear more prominent in search results.

Pay-per-Click (PPC)

Pay-per-click is a term used to describe paid advertisements and search results that are promoted. It’s a temporary type of digital marketing which means that when you’re not paying for the ad will cease to exist. Similar to SEO, PPC is a way to drive more for a company’s website.

Pay-per-click can be used to describe the advertisements that appear at the sides and the top of results for searches, as well as the ads that you view while surfing the internet, advertisements prior to YouTube videos, and also in advertisements on mobile apps.

Another aspect that separates pay-per-click in comparison to SEO is that in both you pay for the outcomes. In the normal PPC model, such as the Google AdWords campaign it is only the cost you pay.

If someone clicks your advertisement and is directed to your site. You can spend almost anything you can think of on pay-per-click ads. Certain companies might see benefits with just a couple of hundred dollars, however, a lot of big corporations spend several thousand dollars every month for pay-per-click.

The cost to advertise or to promote the results of your search will depend mostly on how much competition exists for your keyword. Keywords with high competition (i.e. terms that are popular for seeking and for which many websites are trying to find) are more expensive while terms with less competition likely cost less.

If you create the pay-per-click program and you are allowed to decide the extent to which you would like your ad or results promoted to be displayed to users across the globe, or just within a particular geographical area. If you’re selling bricks-and-mortar businesses the ability to customize according to the location will ensure that you don’t overspend on advertising by advertising to people who aren’t in the vicinity of your company, as per Google.

Social Media Marketing

This covers everything a company uses social media channels for. Most people are aware of social media, however, marketers need to approach social media by taking a strategic and integrated strategy. The marketing of social media is beyond just posting on social media and then answering comments.

For a successful campaign, actions must be planned and consistent, instead of being an afterthought. To make sure that posts remain constant, there are a variety of online tools that can create and manage social media content. However, marketers should make use of automation to aid in their efforts and not as a “set the timer and leave it” solution. People will discover quickly if there’s no person who is behind the posts.

Social media marketing should not be kept in a separate compartment from other functions in marketing. Social media marketers should collaborate with the larger marketing team to align their messages across all platforms on and offline in order to ensure that every aspect of the brand tells the identical story.

The most important aspect of social media marketing is analytics. Social media marketers also need to be proficient in analyzing the effectiveness of their content and then conceiving strategies based on the data. Another reason to constantly monitor and track their campaigns is that these data allow them to prove a campaign’s effectiveness and whether it brought any benefit to the business according to the marketing expert Jayson DeMers.

There are numerous free options to promote your message, which go far beyond Instagram or Twitter. Other alternatives include Google My Business, eBay and Facebook Messenger, and Marketplace.

In the same way, it’s much more complex than running one’s personal Facebook or Twitter account. Types of Digital Marketing requires a mix of imaginative thinking and strategic, data-driven strategies, and might be an ideal choice for those who love mixing the two. Social media analysts with an undergraduate degree could earn around $68,230 according to Salary.com.

Content Marketing

Content marketing utilizes storytelling and sharing information to build brand awareness. In the end, the aim is to make the reader make a decision to become an actual customer, for example, seeking more details, signing up to an email list or buying. “Content” could mean blog posts, sources like white papers and e-books podcasts, video and digital content as well as many other. It should be able to provide benefits to the customer and not just promote the brand or generate sales. Content marketing is all about creating an ongoing, trustworthy relationship with your customers which could lead to numerous sales over time, and not just one transaction.

Content marketing can be found in synergy with other forms of digital marketing. It’s a method of integrating SEO search terms into new website content. Additionally, the content you create is shared on posts on social media or in marketing newsletters via email. Analyzing the performance of your content marketing can reveal something about your visitors What are they searching for when they visit your website? What types of content help them stick around longer and continue to browse? What kind of content can cause them to go away and lose interest?

In contrast to a technique like PPC, Content marketing is a long-term approach. As time passes marketers create a library of material (text or video, podcasts, and so on.) which will continue to attract visitors to their website via search engines, as per Marketo automation for a marketing companies. The content library can also help build awareness of your brand and improves your reputation as a resource for information. In addition, if people visit your website for information, Types of Digital Marketing is likely that they’ll be able to consider you an expert when they’re ready to buy.

Content marketing is an excellent opportunity for people who love writing, or video and audio production. But, like marketing through digital channels in general it also requires solid analytical and strategic skills.

Email Marketing

Despite the rise of mobile apps and other channels, email remains an effective marketing strategy, Rogers said. Types of Digital Marketing is a part of a content marketing plan that provides value to customers and, over time, turns the audience into customers. Marketing professionals who specialize in the email are not just able to design engaging campaigns, but they also comprehend the optimal level of audience outreach and are proficient in analyzing interactions with customers and data, as well as making decisions on the basis of this data, as per the American Marketing Association.

Software for marketing via email can provide various analytical tools among them two that marketers strive to improve are the open percentage the percentage of recipients who opened the email as well as the click-through rate, which is the percentage of people who read the email but did not click on the link within the email. According to the leading email marketing software provider Constant Contact, There are numerous options marketers can take to improve the appeal of their emails to the user as well as more probable to get read. This includes:

  • Make a feeling of Urgency by writing emails that let your recipients know that they have time out to avail of a great deal, or that there are only a handful of offers available, will increase the number of users who click through to your site.
  • personalize the email you send Personalize your email – Setting your email subject lines and emails to include your recipient’s names is a tried and tested way to boost the number of clicks and opens. (A example subject line is: “Katie, a special deal just specially for your pleasure.”)
  • Allow Recipients to Set Their preferences The ability to let users decide how often they’d like to be contacted by you may make sure that some of your email list subscribers who are on your list click on the emails you send them.

Mobile Marketing

The digital type of marketing is focused on reaching your intended consumers via their smartphones or tablet. Mobile marketing can reach people via texts and web-based sites, social networks, and mobile apps. Marketers can customize their offers or content to a specific area or timeframe, for instance when a client enters the store or attends an event.

According to an earlier TechCrunch report that consumers across the United States now spend five hours per day on their mobiles. This is 20% more than last year’s fourth quarter. Additionally, users are spending more time in apps instead of mobile web browsers. In 2017, people are spending more time on apps than they do on television. 15% of their time on apps is spent using entertainment apps such as Netflix and Hulu 19% of which is used on Facebook’s mobile application as well as 12% with other messaging and social media apps and 11% on gaming apps, as per this TechCrunch article.

Retail Dive estimates that nearly 45% of shopping involves an electronic device in some manner that is used for research, comparing prices, or making purchases. The majority of millennials (defined as defined by the Pew Research Center as those born between 1981 to 1997) this number is 57%..

Marketers understand that you need to get your message out to the place where your customers are and it’s very evident that your prospective customers are using their phones.

Marketing Analytics

One of the biggest benefits in digital marketing is that it’s easily trackable and can be measured. The first time the only trackable marketing materials were coupons or similar direct mail promotions. If a person taking advantage of coupons, you could tell that the message was resonant. Today, analytics enable marketers to observe the behavior of users at a specific level, such as how often users click on a particular link or page, the amount of time they are spending on a page and how often they check their email, and so on. However, the amount of data available on digital marketing performance could seem similar to drinking out of a hose. Marketers need to be able to comprehend what the data means and how it can be used to guide their strategy.

It’s not just that this allows marketers to understand what’s most effective with consumers and to adjust their messages to stay relevant Types of Digital Marketing also mean they can prove their worth to their employers. Knowing all the information and making use of it to make strategic decisions is a crucial element of a digital marketer’s work, and it is what differentiates them from their traditional counterparts.

There are a variety of tools available to measure the effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns and many marketers use any combination with these instruments, based on their requirements and target audience ( Fortune magazine revealed that a lot of marketers are using more than 100 tools in their overall marketing processes.) A popular and widely used tool for measuring marketing Analytics is Google Analytics which may be modified in virtually unlimited ways to assess how well your website is performing in bringing customers to your site as well as how visitors are moving on your site and more.

Accurate and reliable data and the knowledge to interpret them will help marketers “fail quickly,” quickly cutting campaigns that aren’t performing and creating more effective campaigns around ideas that have a successful track record. As time passes, you’ll no longer only be using analytics to gauge the effectiveness of your campaigns; the analytics will also guide and enhance your marketing strategies.

In the online marketing master’s program or degree course, students will learn about various aspects relevant to their career in marketing which include marketing plans, strategies including the branding process, mobile marketing, as well as digital advertising.

Affiliate Marketing

With the increasing popularity of internet-based marketing, affiliate marketing — also called influencer marketing has been gaining popularity among many companies in the process of bridging the gap between businesses and consumers. But what exactly does affiliate marketing mean?

Affiliate marketing leverages the growing popularity of experts in the field as well as social media celebrities. When working with these influencers who are third parties the company will work to market your product or service to earn a commission. As part of the collaboration, influencers interact with their followers via blog posts, articles, or videos that generate more sales for your company and create leads.

In the past few years, influencer marketing, also known as affiliate marketing, has seen a huge increase in popularity due to the advent of new technology such as TikTok, Instagram, Youtube, and blogs becoming a popular type of news, entertainment, and shipping. Affiliate marketing has emerged as one of the most well-known types of marketing using digital media. According to inc.com, the industry of affiliate marketing was predicted to reach 6.8 billion by 2021.

The market for jobs is expanding for those who are marketers. The U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS) anticipates that there will be a 10% rise in the number of marketing promotion, marketing and management managers. In 2020 the median salary for these posts was $141,490 as per BLS.

Marketing Skills

Digital marketers aid the marketing team as well as the overall goals of the business by implementing marketing strategies that are adapted to the digital setting, Hobson said. Digital marketers aim to become a voice for the customer and the way they wish to interact with brands through digital channels, Rogers said. “(Marketers) take a strategic approach to the channels used by brands to maximize investment, increase the conversions and traffic and manage the integrated media,” She said.

The necessity of being where the customers always imply that digital marketers are held to an obligation to be constantly aware of developments in technology as well as social media, and software.

Technology evolves rapidly The most popular social media platform of today might be completely gone in the next year, however, some of the core principles of marketing remain the same.

Nowadays, employers require experience with Google Analytics, Google and Facebook Ads, HubSpot, and Hootsuite, according to Rogers. In the master’s degree in Digital Marketing program, you will learn the basics of these tools as well as explore and apply the concepts through classes. They’re also looking for students who are proficient in Adobe Creative Suites and have an understanding of keywords and SEO.

But, the essential elements that make up the puzzle of marketing haven’t changed from the time when companies advertised primarily in television, radio, and print. Every marketer requires excellent communication skills as well as an understanding of the fundamentals of marketing.

Employers will include these soft capabilities together with tech-related competencies in the requirements for job postings in accordance with Rogers.

“A fundamental aspect of marketing is to communicate an advertising message to an intended group of people,” she said. “… Not only should be able to communicate with colleagues and colleagues, but we also must be able to communicate with executives, customers, and others. They are our primary people and without strong communications skills, messages may not be received the way we wanted them to be.”

Because digital marketing is in a rapid change field, it’s essential for businesses to keep current with the latest and innovative strategies, Hobson said. There are numerous ways businesses can do this including some that are handled by digital marketers, while others that is handled through other divisions.

“Staying ahead of your competition has never been more essential,” Rogers said. “The business landscape is constantly changing that it’s now the primary strategy for taking a look at the competition in order to guide your individual online strategy.”

Alexa Gustavsen ’21 is a writer at Southern New Hampshire University. Contact the US.

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