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Social-media-trends-influence-SEO The views of the author are solely their own (excluding the possibility of the hypnosis phenomenon) they may not necessarily be in line with Moz’s views. It’s whether you’re participating in the latest competition or using popular TikTok audio, or creating your twist on a popular recipe, we’re all aware the latest social media trends are the perfect opportunity to promote awareness of your brand and expand the social media presence of your company. However, they are also a great way to increase the number of search results, bringing customers and sales to your site.


If making use of the latest trends in social media in some way or another isn’t an element of your digital marketing strategy yet then read on. This article will highlight how important social-media-trends-influence-seo is to get onto the bandwagon and give you the steps you can take to master the game.

Examples of search results that have been influenced by trends in social media


If we make an inventory of social media trends over the past few years, and search for closely related keywords on Google Trends, we can see a consistent pattern -the results for related terms are increasing in the wake of social media trends becoming in the news. Let’s look at a few of them.

Little Moons

Little Moons mochi Ice cream has been available for a long time however social-media-trends-influence-seo wasn’t until 2021 that its popularity truly became a phenomenon. Thanks to an organic mid-lockdown viral trend, prompted by a handful of members of TikTok creators.

The trend grew into many Little Moons TikTok videos of users searching for their products and trying them that eventually racked up more than 500 million viewers. Little Moons was the most sought-after ice cream across the UK, with its sales increasing by 22,000 percent. Amid the popularity, brand and brand, as well as associated brands that are not branded as well as searches for retail on Google have seen a dramatic increase in search results on Google too as shown below.

The drop in search volume following the initial surge indicates that the trend eventually ended, due to social media content, whether either viral or not – being of short duration. Brands can continue to sustain the momentum by tapping into influencer marketing and establishing fresh trends and reaching new audiences.

The salmon rice of Emily Mariko

Another excellent example can be Emily Mariko, a food and lifestyle content creator her remaining sushi rice “recipe” went viral on TikTok in October 2021. The site went from 70,000 followers and 7 million subscribers in two weeks, while the rest of the salmon rice videos had accumulated over 800 million views to date. The Google Trends report shows us that people were looking to find Emily’s salmon-rice recipe on Google also which provided plenty of other brands, creators, and media companies the opportunity to profit from social-media-trends-influence-seo as she did not use the search results herself.


social-media-trends-influence-SEO With her new following, Emily Mariko continues to generate viral trends and influence results in search results. This can be seen in the recent spike of “Emily Mariko toaster oven” searches below. This goes to show that the power of influencer/REALfluencer marketing shouldn’t be underestimated.

Tax for the wealthy

While this case may not be the most usual method of doing social-media-trends-influence-SEO but there’s no doubt that Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s post on her “tax the wealthy” Met Gala dress on Instagram is an extremely clever illustration of how posting on social media does not only help sell but also increase awareness of an issue. On the 14th of September, 2021, the day that the post was made public the search results for “tax the wealthy” increased to new levels. Of course, the media hype around the event gave them an additional boost.


What can brands do to take advantage of current social media trends to increase visitors to their websites?

Recreate popular content

A way to inject your brand into relevant cultural occasions is to recreate the most popular piece of content on your social media page. By creating your interpretation of it, you can put your brand’s message or product to the world in a unique manner.

The best place to discover trends is to use TikTok’s discovery tab. There, the most popular hashtags and audio can provide you with many ideas for content. Make sure you include an invitation to action to the conclusion of any piece of social media content. Also, include a relevant link in the bio of your profile to send users off of the platform directly to your site.

Create additional content using social media

At the moment, most brands are doing these things However, what many brands and creators aren’t doing is distributing additional content that is available on social websites. We’ve seen that viral social media trends are often broader than their initial platform. Google Trends tells us people are looking for popular items on Google as a result of those trending topics. This is a missed opportunity to miss the increase in search traffic due to trending social media topics that are viral or organic media mentions of influencers.

Although your brand or product may not be prominently included in the viral article There are many options to get your keyword-optimized web content to the attention of this new crowd.

Let’s look at Emily Mariko’s toaster oven searches to discover the potential. If you’re a manufacturer or retailer that sells kitchen appliances, it’s possible to make a shoppable landing site featuring Emily Mariko’s favorite kitchen appliances. A look at the depths of her TikTok videos will let you know that she’s also a big fan of rice cookers. They also love aesthetic non-stick cookware and stove gap covers blenders… All of these are sought-after by fans of Emily Mariko which means you can kill a lot of birds with a stone.

Another source of information that can help toaster oven search results could be “5 recipes for the toaster oven that Emily Mariko would approve of” -an evergreen piece with the latest trends. The possibilities are endless, and a list of companies that might want to join the fray is.

You can also try digital media the chance to present a piece of current content like the one mentioned that you have read to the journalists mentioned above, allowing them to build a quality backlink as well as a chance to attract new customers.

When social-media-trends-influence-seo comes to bloggers and publishers as well, they too can benefit from the creation of responsive pieces of content through increased web traffic and using affiliate links to use.

Since trends in social media that are viral cannot be predicted and can change and go out of fashion quickly It’s crucial to stay ahead of the latest trends, keep track of the latest developments in the world of social media, and be able to react swiftly.

How can brands utilize influencer marketing to boost searches and drive demand?

Engaging with influencers in a collaborative way to highlight your product or brand as well as participating in a fashion is an excellent way to increase awareness and boost the number of searches that people do for your brand or product. In addition, influencers enjoy the advantage of having an existing large and loyal following. In many cases, they will be much more adept at speaking the terms of social media and your prospective customers which will result in greater conversion rates.

This is how Popsockets the brand that is known for its phone grips, made use of an already-existing “Emoji Fashion Challenge” an event that saw people film themselves matching their outfits with popular emoticons. They enlisted the ambassadors of eight in the challenge, incorporating their product. They reached two million people.

If an influential influencer in your field is already featuring your product in a trending piece of content, which could be adapted into subsequent content, or in general creates content the product you sell could be included in, don’t put off the possibility of incorporating it. Get in touch with them to discuss an opportunity to feature your product and tap into the power of word-of-mouth marketing. You will find influencers within all niches or even outside of your niche. If you’re able to put the right spin on social-media-trends-influence-seoeven the most unlikely pairs can result in successful results, as long as there’s a similarity in the target market.

Grace Wells, a content creator who shares tips for videography is an excellent illustration. It’s not the first person who comes to mind when it comes to promoting a product for skincare or energy drink but in her situation, these collaborations have proven to be extremely profitable. Her famous “making epic commercials with odd items” program on TikTok has led to her signing numerous brand contracts and is currently making brands viral.

Strategies for creating an influencer marketing campaign that is effective

In the process of creating social media and then trying to make social-media-trends-influence-seo viral on your own is when working with influencers in your industry is especially beneficial. This helps your campaign get the initial momentum needed to begin trending creating views, and then more organic, reactive search results, content, and clicks to your site.

If it’s not something you’ve tried before, here are some guidelines to consider when designing a campaign that will convert before or after you’ve identified a trend in social media that you’d like to participate in.

Determine the goals of your campaign and define who you want to reach

Before coming up with an idea for a unique angle, begin by defining your campaign’s objectives and the audience you want to reach. A major error that both established and emerging brands make is selecting influencers solely because of their popularity or the number of followers or fans they’ve got. Your audience must coincide and the collaboration needs to be authentic to be able to connect with the target audience.

Making sure your goals for your campaign are clear from the beginning will help you determine the best influencers to collaborate with, and also select the best platform for your campaign. platform(s) to promote your campaign. Are you in search of branding exposure or do wish to increase the sales of a particular product? Within one platform, like Instagram, there are plenty of distinctions between the type of content that can be found for the feed and stories. If you want to get a large number of visitors to your website in a short time using an influencer to promote your product via their Instagram feed isn’t the most effective option. The followers must get access to the clickable link, without having to do any additional steps, therefore an announcement of the person’s Instagram Story is the better choice. Once you have identified the influencers that could help you meet your goal, remember to discuss your campaign’s goals with them as well so that they can improve the content for the desired outcomes.

Do not join in one-off partnerships.

The frenzied pursuit of trends can lead brands into seeking out one-off products, but for the followers of the influencers to build a connection with your product, partnerships that last over more time and that include regular, natural product integrations will be more effective.

Engage with a variety of influencers

Because influencers don’t always have an audience, even though they operate in the same industry so working with multiple influencers instead of designing the entire marketing campaign around one is strongly suggested. social-media-trends-influence-seo gives you a chance to reach out to diverse audiences and expand the reach of your campaign. Don’t forget smaller creators, too! Their engagement rates are generally higher, and they have a greater connection and trust they build with their fans is deeper and they’re also less expensive.

Let influencers have creative control over their content

Influencers can promote your product in a way that is appropriate to their brand and target market. Integrity must always be the top priority. Making a campaign that is designed to require people to adhere to the rules of a script is not a good idea. Instead, come up with an open-ended, unscripted brief. Provide them with a rough outline of the messages you’d like to convey in your campaign. Let them come back with their suggestions. The collaboration should be natural and not sound like an overt advertisement.

Set up a social media challenge

Beginning a challenge is among the most well-known and effective methods in influencer-based marketing. In contrast to typical ambassador programs, the purpose of launching a new fashion is that everyone can join it and put their twist on the idea, extending the scope of your campaign and creating a sense of belonging and community among the people who participate.

To help promote the Cinco de Mayo deal, Chipotle launched a “LidFlip TikTok Challenge in 2020. Participants were asked to take a video of themselves trying in flipping the lid on the bowl using only their hands. social-media-trends-influence-seo was a great method of promoting their offer and connecting with their customers. The videos with the hashtag generated more than 700,000 views.

If you’re thinking of creating hashtags that go to the contest, be sure that it’s not already been utilized and conduct a careful study to avoid negative connotations that could be created and portray your company in a negative light.

Be ready for the flood of search results and purchases

social-media-trends-influence-SEO is essential to ensure everything is in place on your company’s side before the time when the collaboration is live. From landing pages optimized (to capture the search and direct traffic) and ensuring that you have enough products to run a campaign of the size. Although the addition of the FOMO element may work to your advantage, as it was in the case of Little Moons.

Help influencer marketing campaigns by supporting them with ads that are paid for

Running UGC advertisements on your company’s accounts along with an active influencer marketing campaign, whether on Facebook, Instagram or TikTok will give you more energy and visibility for your brand.

For more information on how you can engage influencers in support of your SEO, check out Andy Crestodina’s Whiteboard Friday:


Utilizing trends in social media or influencer advertising to improve the brand’s visibility as well as sales is a highly effective marketing technique that brands of all sizes can benefit from now. TikTok has positively changed the game. At present, it’s still a place that doesn’t only offer paid but natural content that can be viewed by millions of users, which makes social-media-trends-influence-seo accessible for both new and small companies to join in the race of co-creating popular trends or creating targeted content to take advantage on the power of search. With the popularity of social media commerce, it’s going to be a more crucial method.

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